High Quality Video Assets

Operating in Los Angeles and Orange County, California, Kevin Bernes specializes in full video production services ranging from online video courses, corporate training videos, Ads for YouTube as well as all types of social media, event videography, B-roll, drone videography, product videography, and anything you need high quality video assets for.

With a full array of professional film recording equipment in-house, including multiple camera and lighting systems, professional sound recording, a video recording studio, teleprompter, set-creation, and versatile set solutions both in-house or on-location we are prepared to capture your content and turn it into superb quality video assets to take your business and brand to the next level.

When it comes to film and sound quality, Kevin does not cut corners or do things half-way. While the level of quality that is able to be produced is outstanding and to professional industry standards you'll be surprised how much can be accomplished with efficiency of time and resources and fit in your budget.

Kevin Bernes Film Productions is your go-to professional video production team guaranteed to produce the results you are looking for to create high quality video properties to achieve your next level of business expansion.

Contact Kevin at 310-488-3478 or write kevinbernes@protonmail.com for your video project consultation.