Meet the Team:

Kevin Bernes - Film Productions

Full Video Production Services:
We do all types of film projects, some myself and some with Cristina. This includes "run and gun" filming for events, weddings, corporate videos and branding. I use all tools necessary including Drone Aerial Video, Lighting, Sound Recording, Graphics, Sound Design, Video Editing, all to the completed product for you.

* Wedding Films
* Live Events
* Online Course Curriculum Content Creation
* Corporate / Branding Interview videos

Cristina Bernes - Photography

Portrait & Branding Photographer 
(Portrait Photography, Branding Photography, Family Photography, Headshots, Children, Baby and Newborn Photography)
Event Photographer:
(Engagement Photography, Event Photography, Wedding Photographer)

Photo Retoucher
Graphic Designer


Hi, My name is Cristina and I'm a photographer in Pasadena and Los Angeles. I specialize in portrait sessions and branding photography.

Have you noticed that perhaps when you look for a photo that properly represents how you want to be portrayed in the world you might have just a lot of selfies or a photo that a friend took but you are not quite satisfied that the photos you have do that? 
Maybe you need a new photo for a project, or a continuing stream of high quality content for your drip campaign on social media to post on a daily basis.
Or you'd like to freshen up or create a beautiful look with a new headshot that you are satisfied correctly represents how you want to be portrayed and represent yourself out there in the world. Or just have a beautiful family portrait where everyone looks amazing at the same time or you'd like a photo of your baby!

I just love to create and capture these moments in life, that take a snippet of joy and happiness that you can keep with you forever.

To me the eyes are like a reflection the soul and there is so much that can be communicated in a photo. I've heard it said that a picture is worth 1000 words to explain what can be said with a look or an image.

I love to create beautiful photos and create with my clients and I very much feel that it is like a form of art that we are creating together. Often I've worked with clients who told me that in the past they and had felt uncomfortable or felt that they had to constantly move or have a different facial expression every half a second, but that is not the case with me.  When you work with me it is like you throw me a ball and I catch it and I let you know that I caught it, and then we move on. It's like a communication that I'm capturing. So be confident and feel comfortable that we are going to work together and its going to be great! That's my style! I'm happy with my clients being happy with my work!

Id love to meet you and find out what you are looking for or consulting with you to create the image and look that you want to put across with your photos.


We are passionate about photography and filmmaking. 
We would love to share our passion and would be honored 
to take your photos and film you or work on a project with you.