Survey: Topics of interest

I'm interested to find out what topics you might be most interested in seeing blogs or tutorials about?  In order for me to find what you are most-to-least interested please comment with the following letters:       

     E = Essential, need this right now, Yasss plz!
     V = Valuable, I'd like to know  
     M = Meh... sure, I might take a gander

 N = Nope, don't bother.

1. What's a good method to find your best camera angle?

2. How to have a sparkle in your eye when you are on camera?

3. Tricks to look thinner or bigger on camera.

4. How to make your nose look smaller on camera.

5. How to make your neck look smaller/thinner on camera.

4. What outfits to wear for a photoshoot?

5. What colors to wear for a photoshoot?

6. Travels to Milano, Lake Como, Rome, Florence, and Venice Italy and where I like to go when I'm there.

7. What's it like becoming a US Citizen? Makes my cry mushy tears of joy every time I think about it.

8. Quality of Drinking Water. My brief research into the best water to buy and drink.

9. What would you like to hear about?